Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crawl before you walk...

Finished pocket close-ups.

After gaining some confidence with the machine I have been madly sewing. Mostly stuff for bubs and have already passed it on to family members without taking any pics. Here are some closer pics of my pocket nappies for my wee man.

This was my first attempt at a minky nappy. I just love the look (and feel) of minky, but man that gorgeous fabric was so hard to work with! Am yet to brave any more minky attempts...will keep you posted.


  1. They look terrific, I'm such a fan of minky, its' so nice on the hand!! LOL .... We're keen on itti dlish and just got some bbb minky magical AIO's, most impressed on the generous sizing! ... Keep sewing, I just sew covers for the fitted in this household, never got around to sewing the real deal, although I very much wanted to! Mel xox

  2. The nappies look fabulous! Love the clouds print, very cute, and what an adorable model you have there!