Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This weeks deliveries.

So I race home from swimming today to find lots of goodies waiting for me at the door. There is three mtrs of coloured PUL and a whole stash of oh so soft minky! On the to sew list obviously more nappies for Tom's bum and some bibs for my numerous girlfriends who are up the duff. Fingers crossed I don't have to fight the minky this time round.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dad's little helper.

These waterproof overalls are my forth or fifth pair but have only just managed to get the commando ones on Tom. Am going through a huge cammo stage at the moment.
They are fully lined for extra comfort but still roomy enough for a full set of clothing on underneath. Great for these Melbourne winters! I used snaps instead of buttons, for ease and speed when putting on or removing the overalls. Also because I love to snap!
They are extra long in the leg so as to get a couple of years out of them, hopefully. Overall pretty happy with the less than perfect finish, but who is looking that closely?!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crawl before you walk...

Finished pocket close-ups.

After gaining some confidence with the machine I have been madly sewing. Mostly stuff for bubs and have already passed it on to family members without taking any pics. Here are some closer pics of my pocket nappies for my wee man.

This was my first attempt at a minky nappy. I just love the look (and feel) of minky, but man that gorgeous fabric was so hard to work with! Am yet to brave any more minky attempts...will keep you posted.

Baby Steps...

After finally convincing my hubby to go with MCN we parted with some of our hard earned and bought a stash. Upon closer inspection they seemed quite simple and thought I would attempt my own. So armed with my chosen pattern and fabrics I sat down with MIL and we gave it our best. Well I gave it my best and MIL made sure I didn't lose a finger (been awhile with the machine). Here is one of the finished product on little Tom's bum.